No Words

Author's performance in two acts 16+

The title “No words” should be understood literally: the story is told without a single word. The “Red Torch” theatre had such an experience for the first time: to refuse using the word as the basis of dramatic art and to place a bet on the language of glances and gestures, body movements and dance instead.

Four couples play in silence dozens of plots in the one big love story. These stories are passionate and pure at the same time. It’s a first love which takes your breath away and makes your knees shaking. It’s a story about someone who madly falls in love and believes he/she can do anything in the world for the love. It’s a desire when “love” comes together with “blood”. And then it’s a last tenderness to someone who is leaving forever.

This performance is popular because of the sensuality of the play. Body language is clear and close to anybody, no matter of age, sex and nationality. It may enter into every heart. “No words” is a fountain of energy and pure emotions.

Production team:

Director, author — Timofey Kulyabin

Set Designer — Irina Dolgova

Choreographer-director, author — Irina Lyakhovskaya

Lighting Designer — Denis Solntsev

Sound Designer — Vladimir Bychkovskiy

Assistant Director — Natalya Yarushkina


Woman 1 — Darya Emelyanova

Woman 2 — Irina Krivonos

Woman 3 — Antonina Kuznetsova / Ekaterina Makarova

Woman 4 — Ekaterina Zhirova / Valeriya Kruchinina

Man 1 — Aleksandr Polyakov

Man 2 — Konstantin Telegin

Man 3 — Sergey Bogomolov

Man 4 — Viktor Zhludov

Opening night: 28 June 2010
Running Time: 2 hrs. 20 min. ( intermission)