Time out

Marina Krapivina 18+

“Lyudochka” – that’s how seniors who she’s caring about call her. “An unremarkable woman” – says her college student daughter. Lyuda is about 40, she’s a social worker and a single mother. Day in, day out she delivers heavy grocery bags to the retirees, in the evenings she chats in “Odnoklassniki”. She desperately wants to have her life to be happy, while it feels more like an endless time out with no way out.

The director Pyotr Shereshevskiy transformed an ordinary story into the hypnotic “movie” about each of us. The scene becomes both supermarket and labyrinth, and the audience can see the close-up shots online on the big screen. Which is why every gesture and expressions can be caught helping understand characters’ mood as well as their hidden thoughts.

“Time out” is like a rabbit hole, a dream, a myth, a fantasy about a little man in the face of fate.

Production team:

Director — Petr Shereshevskiy

Set Designer – Aleksandr Mokhov, Mariya Lukka

Lighting Designer – Stas Svistunovich

Composer – Andronik Tikhonov

Assistant Director – Galina Khryachkova


Lyuda — Irina Krivonos

Dasha – Luisa Rusanova

Vitaliy – Oleg Mayboroda

Odintsov (Ódin) / Gennadiy (Ódin) / Lyuda’s father (Ódin) – Denis Ganin

Lidiya Afanasyevna Konopkina (Urd) – Yuriy Drozdov, Aleksandr Drozdov

Vera Andreevna Kuznetsova (Verdandi) – Galina Alekhina

Nonna Mikhaylovna Gukasyan (Skuld) – Yuliya Novikova

Lyashko – Vladislava Frank

Paramonov – Denis Frank

Others – Yuriy Drozdov, Yuliya Novikova

Opening night: 27 March 2021

Running Time: approx. 3 hrs. (inc. an intermission)