Based on novel “Eugene Onegin”, Alexander Pushkin 18+

How we see “Eugene Onegin” when we read it at school? “One of the most famous and remarkable works of Russian literature”, “an encyclopedia of Russian life”? But what if read it again in the years of 30? We will see an up-to-date story about real people, not clichéd or distant characters.

Onegin is a tired cynic who is bored with life itself. Tatyana is a wild thing because she simply cannot hide her feelings. Olga is a careless girl, beautiful but silly. Lenskiy is a boy with the clear voice, living in a daydream.

These people are here today, among us. And this story is about our generation, love, passion, confusion, despair.

Production team:

Director — Timofey Kulyabin

Set Designer — Oleg Golovko

Choreographer — Artur Oschepkov

Lighting Designer — Denis Solntsev

Assistant Director — Natalya Yarushkina


Onegin — Pavel Polyakov

Zaretskiy — Konstantin Telegin

Lenskiy — Sergey Bogomolov

Olga — Valeriya Kruchinina / Klavdiya Kachusova

Tatyana — Darya Emelyanova

Nanny — Elena Zhdanova / Irina Krivonos

Tatyana’s husband — Evgeniy Osokin

Recitation — Igor Belozyorov

Also Elena Drinevskaya, Anton Voynalovich, Ekaterina Zhirova

Opening night: 22 September 2012

Running Time: appox. 2 hrs. 40 min. ( intermission)

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