About Us

The Novosibirsk State Academic Drama Theatre «Red Torch» has one of the leading drama group and is well-known both in Russia and abroad. The theatre constantly goes on tours, takes part in Russian and international theatre festivals (Germany, Switzerland, Austria, France, Poland, Greece, Romania and other countries). Russian premieres of plays, special art projects and international productions are performed on this stage. The theatre cooperates with both Russian and foreign masters and with young directors. Eight performances of the «Red Torch» theatre are the nominees of the National Theater Award «The Golden Mask»: the performance «Onegin» based on the novel by Aleksandr Pushkin is the winner of two awards, the cast of «Three Sisters» has the Drama and Puppet Theatre Jury`s Special Award for the «Best Acting Ensemble».

Experts in the field of performing arts say that this theatre troupe is one of the best in Russia. The «Red Torch» theatre creates a wide ranging and harmonious repertoire and includes Russian and foreign classical works as well as works by contemporary writers and author's performances.